Romanian Economic Journalism in Transylvania
  • Romanian Economic Journalism in Transylvania

Romanian Economic Journalism in Transylvania

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In the First Half of the Nineteenth Century



Editura: INSTITUTUL CULTURAL ROMÂN - Centrul de Studii Transilvane


Traducere din limba română de Ramona-Alina Panei şi Radu Băzăvan


Autorul Ioan Lumperdean a realizat în această carte nu doar o istorie a presei cu profil economic din Transilvania, dar a surprins și atmosfera jurnalismului de-a lungul timpului din această regiune.

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1. Economic Journalism: Theoretical and Historiographical Approaches (1. Economic Journalism:  Concept, Features, Components; 2. "The number of journals... has multiplied so much that it is about time we wrote their history"; 3. The First Investigations: Between Romantic Enthusiasm and Positivist Choices; 4. Priorities and Tendencies in the Historiography of Interwar Economic Journalism; 5. Postwar Historical Investigations; First Conclusion).

2. The Romanian Press in Transylvania: Premises, Circumstances, Achievements (1. Under the Sign of Urban Economy and Civilization; 2. The Press in the Romanian Urban Environment; 3. "There was no place like Brasov for the Romanian press..."; 4. Brasov... Yet Not the Only One!; 5. Second Conclusion.

3. Romanian Economic Journalism and the Issue of Modernization (1. The Beginnings; 2. Georg Bariţ and the Program of Romanian Economic Journalism; 3. The Status of the Economy and of the Population in Transylvania; 4. Modernization Means the Fundamental Right to Property; 5. "Money, trade, economy, gain!"; 6. Education: an Economic and National Priority; 7. "May farmers, too, be properly honored..."; 8. "Industry is the outcome and the fruit of the awakening..."; 9. The Development of Trade or the Way to Modern European Progress; 10. "Contribution for and to the benefit of the country..."; 11. "Bank for the development, facilitation and progress of industry and trade"; 12. Railways in Transylvania; 13. Third Conclusion).

4. The Semantic Universe of Romanian Economic Journalism (1. A Difficult... Yet Necessary Approach!; 2. Georg Bariţ and the Pragmatism of Journalistic Language; 3. The Language of Economic Texts: Archaic, Traditional and Modern; Fourth Conclusion).

5. Consequences, Failures and Later Steps;




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